01.31.10 RE: 01.23.10+

I have NOT run the amounts I am supposed to have this month. Sigh.
I've been trying, it's just been a really crazy month for traveling and such, AND I spent the second half of the month with a gross cold. And we're at the point in training where all of the runs are long so I have to actually put legitimate time aside for running if I want to follow my calendar.

My calendar says I'm running 23 miles this coming Saturday.
It's lying.

First of all, apparently you don't need to run that long of a run in training. Second of all, I happen to be in South Bend watching my cousin Matt get married on the 6th, and running 23 miles just doesn't fit into that plan.

Which doesn't mean I won't be stepping up my training, especially now that my cold is gone (so I can stop spitting up gross shit while running. Yes, ew.) ALSO, I'm going running shoe shopping with Mel tomorrow (YAHOO!!) which hopefully will remedy my random pains. I bought new shoes when we started this endeavor but I did it Dusty-style (which means Mel was my running shoe guru and we were at Big 5 and there was a sale...) The shoes have been pretty good to me up until about a month ago, but recently my right arch has been extremely angry with me and I think it's starting to give the other foot ideas because (I kid you not) my entireleft foot fell asleep for three-fourths of my 5-miler. There is no sensation weirder than running three miles with one foot entirely asleep.



So. The ride was fabulous. I would post pictures if I knew how to do that on here but I don't and I'm feeling relatively lazy today so I'm not really in the mood to figure it out (you know those people who actually take the time to figure stuff like that out? I am not one of them. However, I do have a lot of friends like that and sometimes if I complain to them for long enough they figure stuff out for me. Which is one upside to having friends like that).

Anyhow, after the ride I spent an entire summer in Santa Rosa working at a camp in the hills. Hills and I, as you know if you actually read this, do not mesh well. So I started running a bit more frequently. I'd been playing with the idea of challenging myself to run a marathon ever since two of my favorite people decided to run the SF Marathon, so the summer was kind of a 'but Dusty, do you actually enjoy running??' test. The test results are still in question, but nevertheless I managed to coerce my freshman year roommate and current LA partner-in-crime into training with me and so on March 21st, Melanie and I will be running the LA Marathon (GULP)

We've actually been training since the second week in September but I hadn't been blogging because I've kept track of the mileage on (an awesome website found by Mel) However. Yesterday we completed our longest run yet and I realized that I kind of like writing about this schtuff.

And on that note, I'm back.

The last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy travel-wise: I flew home to Seattle on the 21st, spent some time catching up with...everyone..., did the 25th at my aunt and uncles, drove to Cannon Beach on the 26th, flew out of Portland to SanFran on the morning of the 31st, and then took a Greyhound back to LA at 11:00 PM the night of the 1st (arriving in North Hollywood at 6:40 AM on the 2nd - bless you roommate for retrieving me from the station!)
Needless to say, I haven't been running nearly as much as my training calendar says I should. I did get in a 12.3 miler while in Cannon Beach, and a couple of 6-ers...and my family really likes to beach-walk so I did MOVE a lot, just not...quickly.
Thus, I was mildly apprehensive about running 16 (SIXTEEN!) miles a mere two days after New Years Eve festivities.

When I got home from the greyhound station, I took a three-hour nap and ate a real breakfast. These things, plus the fact that I had actually hydrated on the bus, probably saved my bum.

Mel and I set out around 11:30 AM from my apartment. We ran and ran and ran and found a sweet bike/running path that went all the way to which point I realized exactly how far we'd actually run, because there in front of me was the Ikea that we trek to maybe twice a year by car.
...and then we kept running.
At about mile 9 I tripped over one of those lips in the curb and toppled into a full forward roll. Minor scrapes aside, I was fairly unscathed and more confused as to how I hadn't ended up with real battle scars.
...and then we kept running.
We missed two of our turns (whoops) which tacked on a good .2 miles (Yes. I count it.)

And at the end of the run, we downed almost an entire quart of chocolate milk.

Today, my left foot hurts. A lot. Kinda in a way where I feel like if I had awesome health insurance and/or time and/or a sports doctor I would go get it checked out. For the moment I'm self-doctoring by not really moving very much and probably taking something anti-inflammatoryish. I should probably ice it too.

And pick up some arch-support inserts for my shoesies.



05.21.09 (re: 5.20 and 5.19)

So. I had my last NFTY event this past weekend, which means that last week I didn't even KIND of get on my bike. It was a little pathetic really, but I was relatively swamped with work stuff so it's not like I was sitting around doing nothing at least.

I tried to get back on the horse for this last week of 'real riding' (ack, after this week no more riding 'cause it'll be too close to the ride!! SO SOON!) and thusfar I have managed to commute to work once via bike and do my 50-mile Topanga/Sepulveda loop. Which is better than nothing. If I get in another one of those loops tomorrow, or get in some 50+ route, I'll feel okay about this ride. I think.

05.19.09: 8.3 miles via bike - work commute
05.20.09: 52.3 miles, OrangeLine/Topanga/PCH/Montana->Sepulveda loop


05.11.09 (but really in regards to 05.09.09)

I shall quote you from an email I wrote a friend: "Yesterday I actually drove to meet up with a training ride (because I knew otherwise I wouldn't get on my bike =) and we did a ride called "Climb Every Canyon". It was 70 miles of HELL. I hate hills. You know I hate hills. This ride was made up, aside from a couple of nice (but not worth it) downs, ENTIRELY of hills. By the end of it I was really really mad at the streets. BUT. I had done two 'real' rides in a row, so mission accomplished. And I'm only kind of in pain today because of it." short, I managed a back-to-back total of 120 miles. Wahoo!

05.09.09: 70 miles via bike



I can't focus on anything right now, the SB fire is just making me restless - and I'm not even THERE! I just...Binky (well, her dad, but her HOUSE so she's there helping out) and Kristen and probably Rick and all of my CBB kids and NFTY kids have been evacuated and I want to help but there's nothing I can do and it just makes me feel helpless =(

...but, that's not the reason I'm posting. I'm posting because I finally managed another significantly lengthy ride. I basically did the Victory to Topanga to the water and back over Sepulveda ride, but I made some slight route changes (they didn't really do much to the mileage, but they did loads for my sanity) - for one, I stayed on the Orange Line bike path and so I cut out some of the street-riding on Victory, which was nice. I also stayed on PCH until I got to the Santa Monica pier and then I took Santa Monica Blvd to Sepulveda, which cut out Sunset (godsend, Sunset is a BITCH - full of cars and potholes and hills and just generally unpleasant). Also, while I was on PCH I saw dolphins! My first LA dolphins, I haven't seen any here yet. They were really close to the beach too, I was kind of surprised.

Right. I also biked to work on Wednesday and forgot to mention it on here.

05.06.09 - 8.3 miles via bike, reg. work commute
05.08.09 - 52.0 miles via bike, wahoo!!



This morning's ride was full of interactions with people, which is weird for me - usually when I'm biking people tend to leave me alone.

I was planning on leaving the house around 8 am and doing a three hour-ish ride before heading to a meeting I had in Malibu, but I woke up feeling awkwardly nauseous and had to sit around for an hour and a half and drink tea and eat toast before I felt like I could actually GO anywhere. I ended up heading toward Griffith Park. About 5 miles in, I was passed by an old guy who then proceeded to bike JUST a little slower than my pace. I stayed behind him 'cause I didn't want to leapfrog all the way to G.Park, and eventually we started talking. He's 72, his name is Richard, and he's really nice! He gave me the card for a bike shop he frequents and he showed me a new bike path that I swear I've passed fourteen times and never even noticed! He was meeting up with some friends of his so we split ways. On my way home I got stopped by a dude in a car who was looking for some store (and hadn't gotten te address before leaving his house? Weirdo.) Anyway. Lots of interactions.

Total: 24.5 miles via bike



Quick post before bedtime: did a short ride before heading to work today and also did the bike-to-work commute, so ended with a 24-mile day - if only I could get myself to do that + 10 miles every day this week, I'd at least be almost at where I need to be mileage-wise. I'm nowhere near where I need to be endurance-wise, but life will go on.

The ride is less than a month away, which is TOTALLY surreal. Mostly just exciting though - California coast and best friends, here I come!

total: 24 mils via bike (15 m + an almost immediate 4ish m to work + the 4ish m return home ride at 6pm)